Silence Equals Death is:
Scott Earth - Vocals
Freddy Delacruz - Guitars
Wade Eaglesniper - Guitars
Brett Holloway - Bass
Ryan Bertone - Drums

The Name Silence Equals Death...

Past and current bands include:
In Search Of
Flat Earth Society
Six Feet Under (NJ)
Onceover (NJ)
Exit Only​
Crime Scene

The name Silence Equals Death can be attributed to many causes. Our interpretation is similar to, if not exactly like the majority of them. As humans one of the most powerful things we can use is our voice. Uniting our voices to rally against an injustice can often be one of our most powerful weapons. Oppressors control media to spread propaganda and often make it a point to keep the masses uneducated and uninformed in order to maintain control. We feel every human voice should be heard, every opinion counts and injustice should be brought to light. A voice should only be silent upon breathing it's last breath.
Formed in 2011, we are guys who have been around the NJ/NY Hardcore scene for years. We've toured, had music on labels and we share a common bond, love and passion for what we create. We also share the unfortunate bond of being in bands that have broken up and left us searching for a new outlet. The name Silence Equals Death not only has meaning for the masses, but for us individually as people who have been silenced by past events. This band is our resurrection, our new voice, our new fight, our next opportunity to connect with the world the best way we know how.